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10/28/05 11:54 am - gothicleopard - I'm Back, but time is not my friend...

I am healed, I am centered again, and I am ready to help, once more.

This may sound fairly harsh, however I need to set a few things straight. Anyone who asks about love will get the same answer - love today is an allusion. You can find your true soul mate, but if you do not know HOW to love, it will fail. So, read my reply to ipoufy, and do me a favor and find something more worth your time to ask me about. Love is not a High Goal. Indeed, it shouldn't even be a goal at all. Your True Path, your True Self, those are the things you should be worrying about, not when next you're going to have someone to love you - because admit it, that's all you want. You don't want a True Love relationship where you actually have to work, where all you do is give and not want anything back. No, that's not what you want. You want it easy.

I'm not here to make it easy. I'm here to make you BETTER, and the path to betterment is certainly not an easy one.

With that said, please read before you ask. Inform yourself, then ask an educated question that will actually do something beneficial for you.

7/4/05 10:33 pm - gothicleopard - Hiatus

I'm going on a bit of a vacation from pSynchrocity. I need the spare time. Plus I've had some pretty traumatizing experiences with spirits in the last couple of days. The blister on my hand and the gigantic gauge out of my right foot stand as testament to the battles I have faught recently.

To put it frankly, I am worn out. It's not just members from LiveJournal asking me questions either - I've got co-workers, friends, neighbors, even strangers asking me for advice. With working two jobs, this has been a very big strain on my body. I will let you know when I am getting closer to being ready again - it will probably take about a month to recouperate, at the very least.

Thank you so much for your participation, and I look forward to being of service again in the future. You may still post questions, but unless you state that this is an immediate need, I will ignore the question until I am fully ready to be back. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience, and have a wonderful evening!

6/28/05 04:24 pm - gothicleopard - Alicia asks a question

This was sent to me by e-mail.


I saw your posts in LiveJournal, and I was hoping to
ask you some questions.

First, I have a bit of a 6th sense, it runs in my
family, however, I am not able to forsee much of the
future. That's why I am coming to you.

Okay. I have two questions.

1. I met a guy the other night (Friday) who I think
is a perfect match for me. His name is ***** (omitted for privacy).
Anyway, I am wondering why he hasn't yet called me.
He acted completely interested, and he told me he
would call on Sunday. I did call, and he hasn't
returned any calls of mine. So, is he interested?

2. I just graduated from college in December, and I
am trying to find good employment. I obtained an
English degree, and I would like to do something with
writing, proofreading or teaching English as a Second
Language. So, what field shall I pursue?

Thank you so much for taking my questions. I really
do appreciate it very much.


--- Your Answers ---

He is, and he isn't. Recently he has been distracted by another person, but will return to you in all eventuality. Your constant calling has aggravated him a bit. Ease off, and try again mid next week - about Wednesday.

I see two paths before you in your career. In one you will be rather bored, in another, you will find youself challenged, but underpaid. If you wish to make more money, and have more work than you can handle, go to a publisher and offer to be a proof reader - there are even several places online, such as Online Proof Readers. In the other option - teaching English as a second language - you will be challanged, but you won't earn anything more than $30,000 a year. In both you will be very successful - however proof reading will take more time to develop a substantial income from - and I recommend that you do perform both. Your career path diverges from there, around 15 years from now, into 30 different possibilities. Some of them are English related, most of them are not.

In all honesty, every door is wide open to you, and in all of them you will be successful - but the ones I stated above allow for personal development. In other words, if you were to be a writer, I see you being by yourself, unmarried, for the majority of your life. As it is apparent that a relationship would be very important to you, I have taken what I have seen and molded my recommendation around your wishes.

--- Other Comments ---

Seeing is perhaps the hardest task of a psychic. There is no singular path to anything. Everything diverges into a million and one possibilities - even the choice of one single word can drastically change your entire life. Perhaps the best allegory I can think of would be a doily, or a highly complex spider's web. Every decision leads to every path, and you can always go back to the path you were on, or suddenly move to a totally different path with one step. Nothing is set in stone, yet everything is written. In other words, every single outcome of every single decision is detailed within The Weave - but you can choose any outcome you wish. By understanding these few principles, you can begin your journey to becoming a Seer. The next step is understanding how to access this information. It takes a while, but if you wish to learn, I am willing to teach you.

With that, enjoy your evening, and blessed be!

6/23/05 11:53 pm - gothicleopard - Phase 1 of pSynchrocity Expansion Begins

I've promised much, but I haven't really had the time to do much. So, I've slapped myself upside the head with a stick and decided to get my rear in gear. In the effort of starting Phase 1 of my plans, here is an article that I once posted in _b_o_s_, quite some time ago. However, I felt that it would be interesting to several of you whom read this and not _b_o_s_, as it is a private membership journal. So, here it is, part 1 of 3 in:

Uses of Personal Belongings and Body Donations.

Please take note, anything I post anywhere is hereby copyrighted to me, as I do intend on publishing it at some point in time. Enjoy!

Read more...Collapse )

6/11/05 12:40 am - gothicleopard - Please Welcome a_invi

Over the last week I have been evaluating a new member to assist in answering questions. He has hit all of my inquiries right on the nose, and it has been particularly interesting being in rapport with him. That said, I would like to introduce, with much grandness and splendor, our very first Senior Psychic Advisor - a_invi

Over the next couple of weeks I will be utilizing him to assist in the development and growth of pSynchrocity, and he will of course assist in answering your questions. As he is online much more than I am, expect an answer from him first, then an aswer from me.

I will ask him to place a more in-depth introduction of himself, but for now I can tell you that he is experimenting in an all new medium - musical psychometry. In time as we have a chance to test this more, I hope to add this to our answer methods. Look for it and a few other additions in the future.


5/15/05 02:38 pm - gothicleopard - pSynchrocity Web Site

I'm almost finished with the pSynchrocity main web site design. The thing that's taking the longest is adding in all the new products and services - then I still have to add in all the forms AND THEN get everything all synchronized with my shopping cart. *Sigh* This is a very big undertaking. I have over 30 services alone! So, bear with me... it should be up and running by the end of June...

6/10/05 04:43 pm - gothicleopard - Albatordomi asks a question

Albatordomi asks a question

This request may seem a bit strange. Who am I? I mean REALLY? It's not a riddle I'm asking you, it's just that I've had intimations that I'm "an extra terrestrial but not an alien". I think I have an idea what that means but I'd like more advice if that's possible.
I leave the method up to your expertise. Thank you in advance.

Method Used: Psychometry (it's a lot more appropriate - the Tarot has a hard time with Spirit Lives)
Question Asked: The man whose energy sits before me is confused as to who he is and where he stands.

Answer received:
You have a very strange lineage. You've lived at least 80 Lifetimes, but for some reason you haven't really attained any real Intuition. I don't see any Spirit Guides. This is strange. It seems you are almost invisible to the Spirit World. Somehow you have completely skipped over the Spirit Sentence several times - after a person dies they must serve 100 years as a Spirit, known as the Spirit Sentence. How, I don't know. Here is a theory I've been working on that might explain all of this.

When a Spirit reaches Purity (they have lived the last 10 of their lifetimes in the same exact direction) they can choose to become either an Angel or a Demon, and therfore become a student of a God or Goddess. Sometimes, however, a Spirit chooses to remain. They don't have any guidance, and just keep getting reborn, never to reach Purity. This is their choice, but is only available to Spirits without any attachments - things they still have to resolve. Technically, this would make you an Immortal - but not as defined by Man. Immortality, by Spirit definition, is the ability to be reborn without an end, and without a Sentence.

I'm thinking that you reached Purity about 5 to 10 lifetimes ago, and chose Immortality. Spirits that choose Immortality, as in your case, are invisible to the Spirit World since they are no longer a member of it, which also makes it harder for you to access the Spirit World for any reason. I'm still researching this, so I have a couple questions for you:

Do you dream?
If so, what about?
Do you have any Intuitive abilities at all? (empathic, psychic, precognitive, anything at all)
What are your greatest fears?


5/9/05 11:42 am - gothicleopard - Scartears asks a question.

Scartears asks a Question:

Copied from MagickandTarot Community

I seek your advice in desperation.

I get terrible nightmares (well I haven't in about 6 months or so) but they still haunt me.

Evil Nightmares. It feels extremely real to the point that I'm not sure I'm in a dream until I realize the evil of my room. Suddenly I feel as if my soul has been ripped out of my body and is being tossed around violently. I'm hopeless.

The one that strikes me in paticular is one where this evil thing took my friends body and told me things that we're going to happen in the future, that i would hook up with this one guy (the guy he was using the body for) and I would "Get my wedding ring" as he told me, and then my husband would die.

I have since have hooked up with the guy in question.

I usually try to wake myself up by screaming and at first this seemed to be working. Then after awhile wouldn't work. Then I would scream to my deceased sister who I believe is always with me.

Lately strangely enough, when I go to fall into that evil trance dream it's almost as if someone is protecting me versus before when I feel completely naked. My grandfather has sinced passed away so I'm assuming it him.

I am considered a psychic, not an expert to any degree. Lately I've been really spiritually apathetic, but I do read the tarot and specialize mostly in astrology. I also feel emotions,situations, anything quite well due to having high levels of empathy.

I dream alot about the future, being present at many plane crashes or natural disasters. However, it's those evil dreams that really bother me. After waking up from one, I'm normally sore from clentching myself so hard and drenched in sweat and even my whole room is cold of air.

Like I said, lately I've been protected alot but the dream about my current boyfriend dying lingers my mind.

I was wondering if you had any advice on this.

I'm sorry to have bothered you, I just saw your icon and read your post and felt drawn to ask you.

5/7/05 08:13 pm - gothicleopard - Re-design and a Bit of Restructuring Coming Soon

Sometime in the very near future I will be re-designing both this and the pSynchrocity main website, which actually isn't yet online to begin with. I am also currently re-evaluating my service structure, so expect a lot of new goodies in the next couple of months. Some of the things I am thinking about include:

Completely New Ideas

  • Products Line: Customized Astrology Charts, Ritual Kits, Articles (some free too), Talismans and more
  • Making this journal a highly integral part of the main website

Expanded Upon Ideas

  • Additional marketing tactics
  • More things to include in the website
  • Restructured pricing and discounting system
  • Added a few surprises too!

Expect to see this all done by about June. If not, beat me over the head with a stick and tell me to finish it.

5/7/05 06:58 pm - gothicleopard - Ipoufy Asks a Question

Ipoufy Asks a Question

Your Question: Where and when may Lisa find The World in her career, and how should this be approached?

Your Answer:

  • Overall: Every single card but one in your reading is Reversed. This indicates a truly difficult path indeed.
  • Assistance from your Past: The Devil Reversed indicates that your former temptations to sabotage yourself have been overcome. However, you will need to keep an eye on your Shadow Self. Do not let opportunities pass you by, do not let yourself give up.
  • Your Journey Requres: The Ten of Wands Reversed indicates you will need to use your creative wit in order to overcome the great burdens that will come from your new life. Your creativity will need to be applied not just in your job search and eventual job, but also in how you shop and other aspects of your home life.
  • What is Holding You Back: The Ace of Cups Reversed indicates you are hesitant to take things to heart - perhaps by being egotistic or guarded. In other words, you are thinking much more with your logical side of your brain than you should be. Let your intuition take hold. Additionally, the Knight of Wands Reversed indicates you are very focused on others' creativity, and are jealous - do not look at what you cannot do, everybody is different, focus on what you can do, and eventually your particular skills will be needed. You may jump from task to task just because you feel you cannot compete.
  • What Will Make You Succeed: The Five of Cups Reversed states you must embrace new relationships, your inner strength, and all your courage. Perhaps the most intimidating circumstances will prove the most fruitful.
  • The Most Important Thing: Death Reversed indicates this "rebirth" will be very difficult for you. You will come very close to failing before you succeed. But in the end, if you seize the day, as indicated by the Seven of Swords Upright, you will succeed.
  • How Long This Will Take: In about six months, you will need to renew your vigor. At this point, you have reached rock bottom. You're nearly broke, but there is always hope. You must know there is always hope. In thirteen months, you will finally be in the position to give back to those who helped you. Perhaps then you will feel comfortable.

       Bonus Card

  • The Revelation: The Six of Cups Upright indicates you will realize just how much of a joy it truly is to share with other people. This alone is perhaps what will keep you going towards your goal.

Thank you for asking! In return, I only ask that you update me on how accurate this Reading is, in both your current and eventual future life. Be as critical as possible. If you would like, in about two or three months I will be applying for my Psychic certification, so I would greatly appreciate it if you e-mailed me your telephone number and contact information so that I may use you as a reference. Once again, thank you for asking, and enjoy your Journey!

5/2/05 08:23 am - gothicleopard - Welcome

First and foremost, please read the User Info page. That will explain almost everything.

For those of you whom have been invited or been here before, you know the drill, but just as a reminder:

* No Slander *
* Nothing Offensive *
When requesting information, please include:
Method requested (Tarot, Psychometry)
Your Question
How You Feel Regarding Your Question

Thank you in advance for being kind and considerate of others, and enjoy your stay!
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